Java Software Engineer

Full Time Employment
Middle / Senior Level
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Posted 1 month+ ago has grown from a Romanian start-up into a company with over 400 employees and successfully open 5 branches in Europe (Kiev, UK, France, Germany, Bulgaria).
We offer IT consulting in the area of software services to our partners that do not have the technical skills set in-house and need additions to their current teams. We are operating on a wide range of technologies and industries.
At you will come across friendly people and a relaxed atmosphere every day. RINFers are eager to learn from each other, explore and reinvent the world of technology. We have an inspiring place to share ideas and build amazing things together.

What you will be working on

The Mission:

  • Our team continuously strive to help business stakeholders take informed decisions by providing factual evidence based on data.
  • We primarily work with digital products hosted on google cloud platform while also maintaining some of our on-prem products built using Oracle\DataStage.
  • Our work spans across domains since the products we build are based on various domains like sales , payments , returns , fulfillment , cost etc.
  • We take ownership of the development and operations for the products we build and use the agile SAFe framework to design, develop and maintain our products.
  • Our team members often play more than one role and we encourage individuals to come up with initiatives for the betterment of the team.
  • Together we deliver value by constantly improving ourselves through continuous feedback and open communication.
  • We passionately follow "Most things still remain to be done".

What you offer us

  • Software Architecture design skills
  • Experience in Development of Cloud based Products
  • Agile ways of working, Scrum methodology
  • Java Programming Languages family
  • JIRA, CI/CD, Source Control Git or bitbucket
  • Open minded and adaptable person, team player, willing to work "outside of the box"
  • Strong understanding of microservice Architecture and cloud native technology.
  • Experience with designing and creating the architecture of new Digital Products
  • Good understanding of cloud storage, databases, servers and you understand how to use cloud-native in production
  • Good understanding of event-based architectures and REST API
  • Good understanding of data engineering practices (e.g. data modelling, ETL)
  • Comfortable working in Agile ways of working, Scrum methodology

What we offer you

  • Flexible working environment
  • Learning budget and platforms
  • Wide variety of projects you could be part of
  • Bonding and drinking events
  • Medical subscription
  • HR representative to guide you in your professional career development.
  • Flexible benefits platform
  • Bookster

Our recruitment processeses

  • HR Discussion
  • Technical interview
  • Offer

Meet us!

If you are still unsure, we are inviting you to come by anytime for a tour of our office without any commitment.
*All applications are strictly confidential. We will not disclose any private information without having your approval.